The Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is simply a gorgeous place to visit for vacation. The people, the architecture, the food, and the nature, all of it makes great subjects for photography. If you’re planning a visit to Portugal for sightseeing and photography, be sure to visit the following places.

• For the Culture – Lisbon

Whether you want traditional art, great food, streets to roam, or people to dive into conversations with, Lisbon has it all. It is one of the best cities of the country if you want to experience Portuguese culture firsthand.

• For a Quaint Day – Sintra

While Lisbon is the capital where you get everything that is Portuguese, Sintra is a small town that is sure to grab your heart. With its colorful buildings, placed amongst hills and sloping streets, Sintra is a great place if you want some peace and quiet.

• For Architectural Appreciation – Pena Palace

When you go to Sintra, you simply have to visit Pena Palace. It’s placed on top of a hill and its bright yellow color is not one to be missed. If you’re an architectural photographer, or someone who appreciates historic buildings, this is going to be one of the most interesting ones you’ll ever see.

• For the Beaches – Lagos

Lagos is the place for you if you love beaches. Some of the best beaches of the country are here. The colorful appearance of the cliffs, the calming water, the seclusion and privacy, and the seemingly everlasting sunshine make this the perfect place to have a party or just a family picnic.

• For Canal Rides – Aveiro

If you love the idea of Venice, you’ll love Aveiro too. It’s a small coastal town that not many know about. Once there, you’ll be welcomed by the warm-hearted locals and the colorful boats making their way in front of historic architecture.


Portugal is a place full of culture and love. If you haven’t yet been to this beautiful country, and are planning a vacation any time soon, Portugal is really the place to go.