You Can Edit Photos on Your Phone

While traveling, one of the worst things is to carry heavy stuff around. People just want to put their luggage in their rooms and roam about without having to worry about something expensive getting stolen or going missing. Laptops and notebooks are a serious source of worry in such cases. Even if you are leaving your stuff in your hotel room, you somehow don’t feel comfortable leaving your computer behind and end up having to wear a backpack around with it inside.  

If you’re also sick of taking your laptop on trips for this, or any other reason, and are worried you may not be able to edit your photos during the trip, you can just use your phone. 

Smartphone Apps Have Matured 

Gone are the days when photo editing apps on smartphones were all about gaudy filters and effects. Now, there are countless apps focused purely on professional-grade photo editing while being mobile. These apps still are not quite as capable as some of the best photo editor for computers, but they have come a very long way in terms of the tools offered and the quality of images rendered.  

A Plethora of Tools 

On mobile apps like Lightroom and Snapseed, you can completely change the look of a photo if that is what you want. You have access to basic features like brightness and contrast controls as well as highly advanced ones like selective area adjustments and color control. You can even edit RAW image directly from your dedicated camera in some apps.  

And the best part is that when you’re done with editing photos to your heart’s content on your phone, you can share them with the world on social apps like Instagram right from the same device!