Where to Live while in Portugal

Portugal, as mentioned in previous blogs is a breathtaking place to visit for photography. The rich culture, beautiful buildings, luxurious food, and stunning landscapes make this a must visit place for any traveling photographer.

So if you’ve been convinced to take a trip to Portugal for your next photography venture, it’s important to understand why it is important where you choose your accommodation during this time. Do you live in the city center or do you live away from the city? Let’s talk about the factors that may sway your decision in the matter.

Why Live in the City

You should find a place inside the city center if you like taking photographs of people, buildings, food, culture, or the streets. You will have access to all these subjects throughout your stay if you choose to live in an urban setting. You’ll also benefit from easier transport, plenty of places to eat, people to talk to and learn about the culture, and easier access to different areas.


Why Live in the Countryside

If you are someone who wants to capture the landscapes and waterscapes of Portugal, take wildlife photos, capture birds in motion, or create stunning HDRs with a software like these ones, it might serve you better to find accommodation away from the city. Find a place where you will be able to benefit most from natural views and natural settings. Don’t go too far from the city though, as you might need to visit the markets frequently for food and other necessities.


So as you can see, where you live during a photography trip to Portugal will affect the kind of photos you take. Think carefully about what type of images you are going to take during your trip, and that will help you a great deal in making your decision when it comes to lodging.

How to Keep Your Photos Safe While Traveling

One of the worst things that can happen to traveling photographers, especially when they are visiting a place like Portugal, is waking up one morning to find out that your camera’s memory card has got corrupted and you’ve lost all your photos.

But as the elders have spoken, time and time again, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Use Dual Cards

If you have a fairly high-end DSLR camera, chances are it’ll be sporting dual memory card slots. This allows you to put in two cards at the same time. You can set one up as your main card, and the second one as a backup card so that a copy of everything is left on it.

Take a Portable Hard Drive Along

Hard drives these days have become so small that you can fit one in your pocket if you want. These can come in handy if you’re trying to keep a backup of your photos and videos safe. Just take the photos out of your camera every night and keep them safe in the drive.

Rely on the Obvious: Your Computer

These days, almost everyone travels with a portable computer. If you also plan to take a computer with you on your trip, all you have to do is copy all your images to it every day. You can go a step further and upload these copies images to the infamous cloud as well, for a double backup!

So when you visit Portugal as a photographer, whatever you do, do NOT rely on just one memory card in your camera to keep all your photos safe.